Customized Power Management Module

Battery Management 
1S Li-Po Charger
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2S Li-Po Charger
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3S Li-Po Charger
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Programmer only for STM32 MCUs Programmer for all ARM-M Processors   All in one Programmer with FTDI integrated
  Power Supply   
  9V Boost Board  3.3V Buck Board   
  1S-2S Li-Po to 9V Boost Converter  2-3S Li-Po to 3-8V Buck Converter board with DC Motor Driver integrated   
Customized Battery Management Module
Compare to how small the modern micromice are, those Li/Li-Po battery chargers available on the market are always bulky to carry. The even worse thing is most of them can only charge ONE battery at a time! That is how I am motivated to design my own functional specific battery chargers since I have to carry them around during the Micromouse Competitions.
Customized Power Supply Module
Modules are designed to test the behavior of the power management ICs before integrated into a larger scale system