Half-Sized Micromouse

Half Sized micromouse is a new catagory other than classic full size micromouse.

The length and width for cell is half size of a full size maze, however, the total size for the maze remains the same, which means instead of 16x16 cells for classic micromouse, a half sized micromouse maze will be have 32x32 cells. This is much harder to build the robot in a smaller size besides the search process takes much longer time.

It's also extremely hard to put all components into such a small PCB

It's finally assembled and be able to run in a full size maze(since I don't have have half size maze yet)

I believe this is the first working half size micromouse ever in United States 


Name Mini-G V1.1
Width 39mm
Length 55mm
height 14mm
weight 18.8g w/ battery  
wheel 3D printed mount/wheels + D-Nano tyres(3.5mm wide)
Processor STM32F405RGT6(168Mhz with internal RC)
Motor/Encoder MK06-4.5/AS5145B
Gear ratio 9:42
battery 70mah 1s1p
Motor Driver DRV8836
PWM frequency 21K Hz
Sensor TEFT4300+SFH4545 X 4
Gyro LY3100ALH
User Interface 1xbottums+6LEDs
max straight speed 0.85m/s max search for unknown cell, 3m/s max at speed run
max s-turn speed 0.4m/s 90degree curve turn
diagonal run turn(max) 90L ?m/s 90V ?m/s 45degree ?m/s 135degree ?m/s 180degree ?m/s
acceleration variable acceleration rate up to 8m/s2


front view

side view

comparison with full size micromouse

A video that the mouse running in a classic size maze(since I don't have half-size maze for now)



==================  design stage  ===================

determine the specs

Tried to print about demo parts for motor/encoder mount with makerbot for demo purpose