Micromouse 2016-2017 

Although the version Green Giant 5.19V this year looked very similar to the last year's Green Giant 5.17V, lots of changes were made, such as extra IR sensors, integrated Bluetooth BLE 4.0 module, new switching power ICs, and more stable circuit design.
Name Green Giant 5.19V
Width 75mm
Length 105mm
height 37mm
weight 118g w/ battery
Nominal suction force  151g/Watt 
wheel 3D printed mount&wheel + mini-z tyres(9mm wide)
Processor STM32F405RG at 168MHz with internal RC
Memory  MCU built-in 192KB ram and 1MB ROM 
Motor/Encoder Fauhalber 1717R(6V)+IE2 512
Fan Motor  CL-0820-17 X 1 
Gear ratio 60:16 M0.3 / wheel D:22mm W:9mm
battery 300mah 45C LiPo 2S1P (7.4V)
Internal Power Regulation  LMZ21701(5V) + TPS73633EP(A3.3V1) + LMZ10501(2V) + MCP1700 X 2 (A3.3V2&Bluetooth)
Fan Power Supply  buck converter to 3.3V, 3A max (TPS82130)
Motor Power Supply  boost converter to 11.88V, 10A Max (TPS61088)
Motor Driver UCC27524 (Driver) X 2 + DMHC3025LSDQ-13 (H-Bridge) X 2 
Fan Driver  UCC27524 (Driver) X 1 + RF4E070GN (Low Side N-Mosfet Drive) X 2 
PWM frequency 21K Hz
IR Sensor SFH4545 X 6 + TEFT4300 X 7
MEMS  MPU-6500 X 1 @ 20M Rate for SPI
User Interface HCMS-2903 LED display X 1 + LED x 18 + Button X 2 + Buzzer X 1 + Bluetooth 4.0 (DA14580)
max straight speed 5.3m/s 
max search speed turn:0.9m/s unknow straight:1.2-1.9 known straigth: 2m/s 
diagonal run turn(max) 1.8m/s(90v) 2.2/s(90L) 2.0m/s(45) 1.9m/s(135&180)
acceleration/deceleration 10-18m/s/s 
Schematic Schematic

Design Phase

Same fan suction system was used from last year.
Due to the increase of components, the size of bottom half of the PCB was increased. Power supply rails and ground polygons were optimized to achieve best performance when on DC-DC environment.
Since the BLE module used up all remaining pins from LQFP64 package MCU, therefore no external Oscillator was used, and 2 of the LED control pins were salvaged as well.

PCB Assembly


Although I only captured 4th place at APEC, I was even closer to the 1st place than last year in terms of the stratege and performance of my micromouse. Unfortunately, I was punished by the penalty of the APEC rules since I made a mistake could've be easily solved. On the other hand, I realise I am good enough to compete for 1st place at all top 3 international Micromouse competitions, so I am really looking forward for what I could accomplish next year.

This is also the last year I compete at student competitions

2017 APEC Micromouse Contest, 4rd Place (video below)

2017 IEEE Region 6 Southern Area Micromouse Competition, 1st Place (video below)

2017 California Micromouse Competition, 1st Place (video below)

I only demoed at 2017 All America Micromouse Competition since I would like to see other student players to achieve better ranking in student competitions.