Micromouse 2013-2014 

This is the forth year for me to do Micromouse.

I am having this new design by hollowing the front part of PCB of mouse in order to reduce weight.

Mouse is being assembled and ran same as I expected. I am still in the process of achieving better performance. 

Now it ranks #1 at United States based on performance. I am working on my way to be the top 1 in the world one day :)



Name Green Giant V4.1 Lite
Width 75mm
Length 93.5mm
height 24mm
weight 83g w/o battery   90g w/ battery
wheel 3D printed mount + mini-z tyres(9.5mm wide)
Processor STM32F405RGT6(168Mhz with internal RC)
Motor/Encoder Fauhalber 1717R(6V)+IE2 512
Gear ratio 12:40
battery 120mah 2s1p
Motor Driver Zetex ZXMHC3F381N8+Max4427
PWM frequency 21K Hz
Sensor TEFT4300+SFH4545 X 4
Gyro ADXRS620
User Interface 2xbuttons+9LEDs+HCMS2903LED Display
max straight speed 2m/s max search, 4.5m/s max at speed run
max s-turn speed 1.0m/s 90degree curve turn
diagonal run turn(max) 90L 1.6m/s 90V 1.3m/s 45degree 1.6m/s 135degree 1.35m/s 180degree 1.35m/s
acceleration variable acceleration rate up to 13.5m/s2

I participated 2014 APEC international Micromouse Contest on March 17th, 2014,
at Fort Worth, Taxes,  and took 5th place amount all professional Micromouse
players entries in the world , and the raw best running time scored at 4th place.
Here is the video:

Practice Run before Competition:

Regular Basis Test for Speed Run:

An overview of the PCB after all components got soldered before cleaning.

A 3D simulation with the estimate weight and possible output on Solidworks