Micromouse 2012-2013 

This is the third year for me to do Micromouse.Last year I had my first taste on STM32 and Fauhalber 1717T motor with IE2-512 encoder, which made me much more confident for new design.

Name Green Giant V2.2
Width 75mm
Length 100mm
height 24.5mm
weight 90.7g(w/o battery)
wheel 3D printed wheel + mini-z tyres
Processor STM32F103RET6(64Mhz)
Motor/Encoder Fauhalber 1717R(6V)+IE2 512
Gear ratio 12:40
battery 120mah 2s1p
Motor Driver Zetex ZXMHC3A01T8+Max4427
PWM frequency 21K Hz
Sensor TEFT4300+SFH4545 X 6
Gyro LY3200ALH
User Interface 3xbutton+4LEDs+HCMS2903LED Display
max straight speed 2m/s max search, 4.5m/s max at speed run
max s-turn speed 0.9m/s 90degree curve turn
diagonal run turn(max) 90L 1.4m/s 90V 1.1m/s 45degree 1.3m/s 135degree 1.1m/s 180degree 1.1m/s
acceleration 13.5m/s/s acc  max  with variable acceleration

I participated APEC micromouse contest held at Long Beach March 18th 2013, and successfully achieved center with the speed as described above.

here is the video for my mouse's run



I also Participated 2013 California Micromouse Competition at UCSD and won the first place amount all 20 contestants.


Winning Run at 2013 California Micromouse Competition(CAMM)


I Won the first place at 2013 All America Micromouse Competition as well


Winning Run at 2013 All America Micromouse Competition(AAMC)


side view


front view


Design Phase

I planned to have 3 different mouse designs this year need to fabricate during winter break, however, due to budget limit, I was only be able to make one of them.

Mouse 1: Green Giant V2.2

A 4 wheel 6 sensor fauhalber 1717 motor micromouse with external OSC, EEPROM, flash detector

I also added auto ISP code download circuit this year by utilizing DTR and RTS

Schematic        Board Layout 




Mouse 2: Green Giant V3.0 Lite

Similar with Mouse 1, I got rid of external OSC, EEPROM, flash detector and use STM32F405 as MCU instead of STM32F103RE

The area to the front got milled off to reduce weight and turning moment for mouse

I fabricated PCB but didn't make it since I had better design after 

Schematic        Board Layout  



Mouse 3: Green Pro Mini V2.1

I've started the research  for how to mount AS5040 to half size micromouse long times ago and finalized the design this year.

All of the motor mounts, gears, wheels, sensor mounts will be designed by AUTOCAD and use high precision 3D printer to print, gear ratio will be 8:23 with M0.5 gear 

It will have 4 sensor and 4 wheel

Schematic        Board Layout  


Some 3D printing parts

motor mount (full size)

sensor mount(full size)

wheel(full size)