Micromouse 2011-2012

This is the second year that I work on Micromouse, since I wasn't satisfy with the
performance of the mouse from previous year, I did huge amount of research and
made a brand-new, extremely competitive world class Micromouse. I put lots of
efforts on doing research on STM32 and how to make a perfect motor mount in
order to make this tiny 4-wheeled robot gets perfect balanced.
Name Green Giant 1.3+
Width 75mm
Length 97.5mm
wheel Mini-z wheels+tyres
Processor STM32F103RET7
Motor/Encoder Fauhalber 1717R(6V)+IE2 512
Gear ratio 12:40
battery 110mAh X 2
Motor Driver Zetex ZXMHC3A01T8+Max4427
PWM frequency 64K Hz
Sensor TEFT4300+SFH4511 X 4
User Interface 2xbutton+6LEDs+HCMS2903LED Display

Schematic      Layout



the Fauhalber Motor/encoder I am using


Front Back View of the Micromouse Chassis PCB design


I worked at machine workshop to make these two motor/gear/wheel mount


2 boards on the left are my back up mouse

2nd one from left was the the lastest update for my STM32 micromouse



It's completely constructed after I received all replacement parts