Micromouse 2010-2011

This was the first year I got in touch with this amazing Automated robot program named Micromouse. I led a team with 4 members built a automated maze search robot and achieved 3rd place at California Micromouse Competition. As a Leader, I not only just built leadership, but great organizing skill as well, besides, I learned lots of controlling theorem that I had never learned in class before  .

Results for the competition

There are various articles mentioned this event and my mouse, here is one link from IEEE.org: http://theinstitute.ieee.org/people/students/students-reinvent-micromouse-competition809



The Mouse named as "In Green We trust" use 3 sharp GD-120 infrared sensors, 144:1 gear ratio motor boxes, Arduino Pro mini and L293D H-bridge, associated with encoder from solarbotics, 3XLiPo batteries, with customized chassis.


My Mouse with the Certificate              Group Picture with my teammates and other Winners  



Before this mouse got finalized, I had prototypes in order to achieve basic functions before we can move to next phase 



I still remember the time that we ate fast food together everyday in order to save time on solving encountered issues, thanks, my friends.