Mini All-In-One Programmer

This is a tiny magical device  contains both J-link programmer and FTDI USB to serial interface with only ONE USB cable required to connect to computer since a USB HUB IC is also integrated! With this All-In-One programmer, the debugging process for the target device is much more simplified!

Left:Rear view/Right:Front view


  • Ultra portable one USB cable easy to go solution for all onboard components with both J-link programmer, USB to serial interface integrated through a USB HUB IC
  • 6 output pin configuration can be used for either standalone programmer or standalone USB to serial device, with max flexibility!
  • The friendly 2.54mm spacing PC pin output interface is compatible to most of the external devices
  • USB-mini plug used instead of USB-micro to make it much more stronger against accidental USB cable lifting
  • All LED indicators are integrated on one side to simplify the status monitoring process
  • Components are assembled on both side to limit the PCB space

Compare with quarter coin:
Way to tiny and convenient to carry!