STM32F4 All-In-On mini Develop Board

In order to avoid massive jump wires are being used when prototyping with MCU, I managed to integrate most of the ICs I normally use into one small PCB. Only ONE USB cable is needed to instantly connect all on-board components to the computer to expidite the prototyping process. 



  • Ultra portable one USB cable easy to go solution for all onboard components. Built-in MCU, FTDI, Programmer, Buzzer, 6-Axis MEMS. Much more powerful and even smaller than MBED!
  • Built-in 8MHz external oscillator, PLL up to 168MHz(240MHz stable overclocking tested)
  • Led out all unsed pins
  • Diode protected 5V power output, 2 dedicated 3.3V LDO regulator for both on-board components and external power supply
  • USB 3.0 grade ESD protection, less than 3 mills length difference between USB differential pair traces
  • double sides ultra compact design, reset and boot0 built in, will save your space for you project
  • 4 User Interface LED indicators that are capable with PWM.
  • Main MCU can be configured as USB device since its USB peripheral is connected directly to the USB HUB

Compare with Mbed: Smaller than MBed but more powerful, and much COOLER(temperature) when running