STM32 Pro Mini

Story Behind it:
Before I finish my Micromouse project this year, I realized that I need a reliable Dev board for me to practice on STM32 in order to achieve more functionalities.

- built in serial to converter, direct USB out
- built 8MHz external crystal, Pro Mini will PPL to 72MHz
- led out all pins Port A,B,C except PA9(TX) PA10(RX) PB2(BOOT1) PD0(OSC_IN) PD1(OSC_OUT)
- internal power regulation, any Vin higher than 3.3V(recommended 5V or higher) will power the IC, provides 5V and 3.3V output
-double sides ultra compact design, reset and boot0 built in, will save you space for you project
-4 User Interface LED indicators, 2 of them are capable with PWM

Rear View: